Industrial and Product Design

'Creative Design meets world class engineering'

At WAE, we offer a product development process like no other. By blending the skills of our product design team with our industry leading engineering, data science, manufacturing, procurement & strategy departments, we are confident in solving any challenge thrown our way to deliver innovation across any sector.

Our products are distinctive.   Our products are innovative.   Our products are engineered to perfection.

Industrial / Product Design

Within WAE, there's a deep-rooted desire to find problems, understand them, then solve them in ways the world has never seen. This mindset has helped produce game changing products such as Aerofoil & Babypod.

Reviewing user requirement, aesthetics, technologies and methods of manufacture, our industrial designers work with you to improve your offering and create an advantage.

Whether you're looking for small incremental improvements, something conceptually novel, or want to create products of the future, we believe our ability to help you innovate is unrivalled.

Be it through function, material or overall concept, there are many ways our team can experiment to develop new products & technologies. Combining creative thinking with some of the smartest minds in engineering, we aim to produce products that turn industries on their head and better the world we live in.

User Experience & Human Performance

WAE was born out of motorsport, a discipline in which understanding how to get the best out of people is as heavily scrutinised as the engineering fundamentals of a vehicle. As a business we have utilised this unique human centred approach to help Karen Darke win a Paralympic Gold Medal in hand bike, develop revolutionary aircraft seating and ensure new-born babies can be transported in safety & comfort during an emergency.

We delve deep into the user on every project, mapping out their journey through interviews, usage & ergonomic studies, experimentation, data analytics & even custom fitting to ensure the experience is flawless every time.

What makes us different


Born from one of the most innovative teams to exist in Formula 1, WAE has a key strength of ingenuity, problem solving and creative solutions. We're competitive by nature and always strive to deliver the best.


With a track record of developing products at the highest end of human performance, we take the interaction between user and product seriously. All our projects start with gaining an in depth understanding of how the product will be used.


With so many great minds under one roof we are uniquely positioned at WAE to offer an integrated design process like no other. From the offset we identify the world-leading specialists within our business best suited to support your project.


Creativity and Data don't naturally go hand in hand, but even the most abstract ideas need validation. We use data to find challenges, validate concepts & refine our products, leaving you with the optimal solution.

To discuss how WAE can help you deliver world-class power performance in your products, please contact us